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About Us

Bringing happiness in each and every scoop

Ice cream is without a doubt delicious, but we really created Wynston's Ice Cream Co. to connect with people and bring a little joy and happiness into their lives. Whether it is our employees, customers, family, or friends, a little happiness truly makes everything better. No matter our journey, ice cream has always brought happiness to our family. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Overhead photo of delicious ice cream tubs.
Photo of the Wynn family, Chris Wynn, Sarah Wynn, Ella Wynn, and Max Wynn

Our Story

Founded by husband and wife, Chris and Sarah Wynn in 2019.

We truly believe that ice cream is a core memory for our family and possibly for many others. It all started long ago for Chris. He and his entire extended family would go camping every summer in Michigan with their big outing for the week being the local lake town ice cream shop. Ice cream shops became part of our dating memories, married life and pregnancy cravings, and a place to explore and discover together as a family each time we moved. It became the place to celebrate the big and the little things, the place to cheer up the kids and congratulate victories. I can safely say ice cream is woven into our family DNA. 

When we moved to San Diego 7 years ago, we immediately felt at home and this is where we wanted to build our ice cream dream. With the tremendous support of our friends, neighbors and community, we were given the opportunity to open a small 100 sq foot shop as an entrepreneurial incubator here in our own hometown. We had been in awe of the continuous love and support our community brings and are able to continue this dream thanks to their part in our journey. 

While ice cream making and scooping is what we do physically, we believe with all our soul that we are serving a moment of happiness. A memory making moment. A chance to pull a nostalgic memory and draw upon that beautiful warmth that only happiness brings. We want that for each and every one of you and the best way we know how to do that is to make the most quality premium ice cream that taps into nostalgic flavors and sometimes will surprise you with a fun new one. We hope to see you soon and cannot wait to share that moment of joy with you. 

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