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Wynston's Shindigs

Welcome to our Wynston's Shindigs Pricing Collection.

Celebrations are a moment for creating memories. We would be honored to be a part of your special day. From birthdays to weddings, each event holds opportunities for bonding with your guests in a special and unique way. The moments where you can have a part in creating and building happiness and beautiful memories. 

Booking an event is easy, and our event fee locks in your date! All you need to do is determine how much ice cream you need. We can even do custom flavors for the ultimate experience.

We appreciate you taking the time to research and consider us. Please reach out any time through the form below.


Our Cart


The Ice Cream


Custom Flavors

  • $150 event fee which includes setup and pickup if you are within 15 miles of our San Marcos location

  • +$50 for any location between 15 and 50 miles

  • Choose any flavor on our menu at the time of the event

  • 0-75 people, $5 per person, pre-scooped and delivered

  • 75+ people, $6 per person, can be pre-scooped or scooped on site, we will also send one of our Moo-Crew to serve at your event with this many people

  • +$200 per custom flavor, must order in increments of 35 (that is the minimum size batch for a custom flavor)

  • We will work with you to develop custom flavors to tell your story, you get a tasting and can provide feedback throughout the process

  • You keep any leftover portions

Reach out to us for more details and info!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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