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Weddings with Wynston's

Weddings with Wynston's is about creating and telling your love story through ice cream. Your memories make your day last forever and we are beyond excited to be a part of it. Memorable photos and food memories both are what we bring together for this special day. Our old timey ice cream cart & umbrella with individually portioned ice cream for your guests, with the option to make custom Bride & Groom flavors based on your story together will forever engrave those memories for you. 

Make it Memorable

Your wedding day is your once in a lifetime moment. Your day. It is a day where you will want to focus on your happiness, your guests, your family and your lifetime memories created that day. We can provide a unique dessert experience for you and your guests. With our adorable, social media friendly ice cream cart and umbrella, individual portions that can be served by us or your catering staff, and flavors that can be catered to your favorites, we will help you create the memories that invoke smiles and stories for a lifetime.

Our Custom flavor options, should you choose them, also allows us to be imaginative and work closely with you to tell your story through creating your own ice cream flavors. The guests absolutely love knowing your love story through Bride & Groom flavors.


Make it Yours

Our setup is flexible enough that we can accommodate from small to large. We can arrange for your catering staff to serve pre-scooped portions, or have one of our scoopers on hand to scoop for each of your guests.


Our Cart

The Ice Cream

Custom Flavors

  • $150 event fee which includes setup and pickup if you are within 15 miles of our San Marcos location

  • +$50 for any location between 15 and 50 miles

  • Choose any flavor on our menu at the time of the event

  • 0-75 people, $5 per person, pre-scooped and delivered

  • 75+ people, $6 per person, can be pre-scooped or scooped on site, we will also send one of our Moo-Crew to serve at your event with this many people

  • +$200 per custom flavor, must order in increments of 35 (that is the minimum size batch for a custom flavor)

  • We will work with you to develop custom flavors to tell your story, you get a tasting and can provide feedback throughout the process

  • You keep any leftover portions

Reach out to us for more details and info!

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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